ang23The uses of medical devices is increase with increases in the number of the diseases as people are not much concern to focus on health and at last the result will not be so good as it will affect the health of people with the time the number of the  patient has increase but thanks to the medical device the ratio has not increased by huge number . The device such as oxygen mask is so much useful with increasing age and at all breathing problem as it able resolve all of breathing problem and help us to breath easily the role of this device is so much important many other device like that has also been so much important such as blood transfusion set , measured volume set , ostomy supplies , stomach supplies , suction catheter , Foley catheter and many other device which are so much helpful for us from born till death . Because of the growth in the field of medical the number of death ratio has been reduced and the most important for reducing this ratio is medical device which are so important in human life and the company like angiplast are performing their duty for manufacturing this product so lets see the new wealthy and healthy generation with the medical device and equipment .