blog apThe proverb is famous that health is wealth and now a days the people are very conscious about to maintain good health and consistent growth in the medical field make it more easier for people to get aware about the health issue and get cure from that before it creates some big issue for our health .The technology has been improved so much that the solution of any medical issue is available. In past the disease like malaria , typhoid , polio and more… there has been no vaccination available for this diseases which result in to death of the people . But at present this all diseases are normal as the best vaccination is available to get cure from this disease easily . As increases health issue medical field is also trying to overcome that by getting solution  of that problem. Because of the Better medical facility the living ratio of individual has been increased . At present we have many medical device which are helpful for us such as oxygen mask which is very useful for breathing problem as we all have seen and many other device such as iv cannula , iv catheter , hospital supplies , stomach tube , suction catheter , Nebulizer mask , Foley catheter this all device are so much helpful for treatment of patient in hospital as well as some are useful for usage at home and some are part of our life until we die because of health problem. So try to maintain the good health because you can earn money by good health so be aware of health problem and try to get check up of your body at regular time period which help to let us know about health problem and decrease the risk of health problem in future life . So be fit and live the happy and healthy life which is the best gift from god that we should take care of so caring and curring is the positive result of our life.